Perhaps. Let’s find out what researchers say about this.

It’s the booziest time of the century, we should know what alcohol does to us at very least. According to researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago, after getting her subjects drunk – yes, you’ve read it right – and testing their creative problem-solving skills. Compared to how they performed pre-intoxication, subjects with a blood alcohol level were worse at working memory tasks, but better at creative solving tasks. 

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How is it possible, you ask?

When you get blackout drunk, your brain temporarily loses the ability to create memories. It happens due to a disruption of the brain hippocampus which is housed in the centre of the brain. However, alcohol also helps you to access remote ideas that develop through association not linear analysis. When linear reasoning can keep people focused on ideas they think are important but aren’t, and remote idea will give you a commendable and constructive thing to do – making you more creative. 

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Another fact proved by a study that compared 1,800 Danish men’s IQ scores to their drinking habits. Turns out that there’s a correlation between high IQ and the preference of wine over beer. Tweenty-two percent of them who preferred wine have higher IQ than the rest. Even in the U.S., 68.4 percent of college graduates describing themselves as drinkers which means that rates of alcohol consumption rise with education level. 

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