Got trapped in lifelong commitments? Feel tired even when your wife treats you like her king? Attracted to thrilling one-night-stands for refreshment? But so scared of unpredictable damages? 

Life treats you so well...But fleeting glorious moments are just irresistible ...

Yo... You are not alone!!! Staying faithful but spirited... Notnthat difficult! 

Keep your commitment... But still try out all glamorous chicks out there... That's exactly what you should do. 

Beluga Vodka Celebration Limited Edition - An Irresistible One-Night-Stand & Snow Leopard Vodka - Devoted Lifelong Commitment.   

Snow Leopard Vodka - Devoted Lifelong Commitment 

What is your devoted housewife like? A caring mother? A great budget manager? Also an extraordinary humanitarian? 

Meet Snow Leopard. Your next alcoholic spouse! 


Vodka that's made of expensive spelt grain. Contributing to endangered Snow Leopard protection.

Seriously... which Vodka is better than that?

Beluga Vodka Celebration Limited Edition - An Irresistible One Night Stand

How is a glorious one-night-stand like? The sound of the crowd's respect? The victory of winning the hottest chick? Or the infinite satisfaction of defeating enemies? 

Beluga Vodka Celebration Limited Edition made just for sensible vodka drinker. 

bottle 3 Sophisticatedly covered. Meticulously handicrafted. Delicately tasted. And strictly limited... 

The bottle is made using 'thermal evaporation' - a double platinum coating is applied to the bottle inside a vacuum chamber to create a uniform metalized layer, before the bottle is coated in a layer of gold lacquer. 

"We wanted to create a unique product inspired by the amazing history and tradition of the Mariinsk Distillery as it celebrates its 115th anniversary,"said Katerina Mechetina, Beluga Vodka brand director. 

Made just for the purpose of branding the superior social status of its owner. Used only in intimate major achievement celebrations. 

Think of a vibrant breakaway from dull reality? Go with Beluga Vodka Celebration Limited Edition! 

Limited to 60 Bottles only. Exclusively from Boozeat.   

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