With Father's Day looming closer this month, we've decided to help you out once again in finding the right alcohol gifts for Dad on this special day. After all, Dad deserves the best, right? 

This time round, we decided to look at other types of booze besides whisky (Read our Top Whiskies for Dad here). Furthermore, we've set a budget cap of just RM400 so that you don't have to break the bank in getting the best alcohol gifts for Dad on this special day. 


Best of all? Purchase any of these products we've listed here and you'll automatically be entered in our Father's Day contest to win some awesome prizes! Here's what we've come up with this time around. 


1. Trivento three-bottle promotion - RM216 

We'll start with some classy yet affordable red wines from Argentinean wine house Trivento. We have a special promotion whereby you get a free Decanter when you buy three bottles of either its Reserve Syrah, Reserve Pinot Noir or Reserve Cabernet Malbec

Not only is this three-bottle promotion affordable at just RM216, you'll have enough wine to share with Dad and the rest of family over dinner too. Additionally, any of these red wines will pair nicely with that special Father's Day steak meal you're preparing for Dad. 


2. Martell VSOP 700ml pack - RM249 

Lets say that Dad has got a flair for spirits other than whisky. What you'll need then is fine French cognac, and you can't go wrong with a prime example such as a bottle of Martell VSOP. This is perhaps one of the classiest alcohol gifts for Dad that you can get for less than RM400. 

Notably, this special gift box we've selected is not only affordable just RM249, it also features miniature bottle of Martell VSOP included too. The pint-sized extra will be perfect for Dad's next business trip, or even to decorate his office desk with. 

M. Chapoutier Chateauneuf du Pape думLa Bernardineдуќ_Resized

3. M. Chapoutier Chateauneuf du Pape "La Bernardine" - RM250 

Lets say that you and your other family members are preparing the finest home-cooked premium steak for Dad on Father's Day, then this authentic bottle of French red wine will be the perfect pairing indeed, making it one very ideal option when it comes to alcohol gifts for Dad this Father's Day. 

Furthermore, this bottle of M. Chapoutier Chateauneuf du Pape "La Bernardine" won't break the bank for you at just RM250. That's quite a steal given this particular wine's sweet, spicy and fruity tastes. 

Bulldog Gin

4. Bulldog London Dry Gin дус RM260 

If Dad happens to be a quintessential gentleman, then he'd be proud of you for gifting him a bottle of classy and fine Gin on Father's Day indeed. For this, our top pick would be a bottle of Bulldog London Dry Gin. 

Not only affordable at RM260, this medium-bodied gin is brilliant to drink either neat or mixed in a cocktail. Surely, Dad will be eager to whip up a few rewarding glasses of Gin & Tonics or Gimlets, especially after a long day at work. Penfolds-Bin-389-Cabernet-Shiraz

5. Penfolds Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz - RM302 

Yes, here's our third red wine pick, but we've got a solidly good reason for this. Firstly, this beautifully complex Australian red wine is something that must be savoured with any fine foods. 

If your Dad's a true wine connoisseur, then this will be the perfect bottle of red to gift him on Father's Day. Yes, RM302 may seem a little steep, but this is a bottle from Australia's most celebrated winemaker after all, and Dad truly deserves the best. 


6. Carlsberg Beer Tower Promotion - from RM389 

We saved the best for last and, when all else fails, you can't ever go wrong with a bunch of ice-cold beers! 

If you haven't heard, we've extended our Beer Tower promotion throughout June where you'll get a limited edition Carlsberg Beer Tower for FREE when you purchase three cartons of selected beer cans and bottles (Carlsberg, Somersby, Asahi and Kronenbourg) from us. 

Besides the tower, this is the perfect purchase if you're hosting a Father's Day family gathering with the other father figures in your lives, meaning your granddad or even uncles and cousins who have become dads can celebrate too!