So imagine this. You’re technically on vacation; a holiday someplace far away, or a road trip. You buy some bottles of beer and decide to spend the night someplace with your family or friends. But wait, no one remembered to bring a bottle opener. What do you do next? Scream around, run in circles, beg the heavens that the bottle will open by divine intervention? Hell no! You’re gonna show off some sick cap popping skills.

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If you’re used to popping bottle caps right off with a bottle opener, you’d know that the mechanics for getting a bottle open works on a fulcrum mechanism. Bottle openers represent second-class levers that has a fulcrum at the side rather than center of a beam. The fulcrum in this case is represented by the edge on the bottle cap while your hands pry the cap open by lifting the opposite end (point 1). In turn, point 2 would have enough force to lift the cap off. There, physics 101!

With that in mind, here’s a few neat tricks you can show off to your friends and family if there are no bottle openers present:

1. With your mouth

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If you angle the bottle just right, you can grip the bottom edge of the bottle cap with your lower jaw. With that, use your upper teeth (near your cheek) to push forth into the crap while using your lower jaw as a fulcrum to the bottom side of the cap. If you do it quick enough, you should pop the cap no problem. If you’re not used to it, it’s going to take a couple of tries. Careful not to cut your lip though. ;)

2. With another bottle

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Another way you can do it involves two bottle of beer. A small disclaimer would be that this leaves one bottle unopened at the end of the day. It’s still pretty stylish though. There’s 2 ways you can do this. The faster, messier way involves angling the edge of the cap with the bottle you want to open toward the flat end of a vertical standing bottle first. Then you pull down very fast and hard with the angled bottle while keeping the vertical bottle stationary to pop the cap. This same method can be replicated on a table edge (make sure it’s not made out of wood or you’ll scratch it). The other method involves inverting one bottle over the other and using the neck of the upright bottle as a fulcrum and pulling off the cap of the inverted bottle.

3. With another cap


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Now if you’ve got a cap in hand (make sure it’s clean), you can force it over the edge of the cap on a closed bottle when angled perpendicularly to get it off. Pretty handy to keep an empty bottle cap around now instead of disposing it eh? Careful not to cut yourself though.

4. With a belt buckle

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Now whip out your belt and spank that..! Oh wait.. Wrong article. Still! Your belt is very damn useful when it comes to prying off bottle caps. Find an edge of your belt and you can technically use it like a bottle opener. Just make sure it’s clean!

5. With a ring


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Now for those who have the privilege of getting married (or if you like ring accessories in general), your hand becomes the ULTIMATE TOOL OF DESTRUCTION. Nah I’m just kidding. Your hand is now literally a portable bottle opening tool for anyone lacking a bottle opener. I mean yeah it’s still a tool of destruction if you want to destroy someone’s day by not helping em out when they lack an opener. Just help em pry it open will ya?


6. With a lighter


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You can also use the flat end of a lighter to open your bottle caps. If you’ve been reading from the top (which I hope you do), this should be awfully straightforward. Pop it off as you would with a bottle cap shown in point #3.


7. With a folded piece of paper


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If you’ve got a sheet of paper (a torn piece doesn’t count), fold it A LOT. As long as the paper’s hard and in a V-shape, it’s now technically a makeshift paper bottle opener. Use it as you will.


8. With a fork


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If you have a fork present, use the pointy end to hook it under the bottle cap to pry it open. Seriously, look at the shape of the fork. It’s a lever in itself! Just make sure you find the right sized fork for the right sized bottles.


9. With a door hinge


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Alas, if you don’t mind dirtying the carpet (literally), you can use door hinges. This is what I’d call the redneck method of popping your beer. The hinge ain’t clean and so will the wall and floor after you’re done. Still, the hinge is a very VERY tempting stationary bottle opener. Use this as a last report. There’s so many other more appealing ways to pop your caps.