Bienvenidos amigos de nuevo! That's Español for 'Welcome back friends!', and here's another edition of our on-going #TequilaTuesdays series here on the Boozeat Blog 2.0. 

This time around, we take a look at essential Tequila cocktails every fan must know and try. After all, what good is it if you know and understand this prized Mexican liquor - especially how it differs against its lesser cousin Mezcal - without trying it out, right? 


Much like Vodka and Gin, Tequila is a versatile liquor, resulting in the hundreds (if not thousands!) of Tequila cocktail recipes and its variations that exists. However, for this list, we'll stick to some basic essentials first. 

After much research and field-testing, here is our list of 6 essential Tequila cocktails that any fan of this prized Mexican liquor must know and try.   

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1. Margarita 

We'll start off with a universal classic and holiday favourite that's both delicious and one that has spawned thousands of variations. The ideal basic mix ratio of Tequila, lime juice and triple sec here would be 2:1:1 (i.e. 60ml:30ml:30ml). 

Shake thoroughly with crushed ice, serve in a salt-rimmed cocktail glass and finish it off with a squeeze of lime. For the full Mexican experience, have some nachos with guacamole dip and appropriate playlist of Mariachi music ready.   

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2. Tequila Sunrise 

Next comes another universal classic loved by many worldwide. The ideal mix ratio of Tequila, orange juice and grenadine (or red syrup) is 2:4:0.5 (roughly 50ml:100ml:25ml). Mix these and pour into an ice-filled glass before garnishing with orange slices. 

The key to attaining 'sunrise' look is to refrain yourself from stirring the drink after adding the grenadine. You can pour the tequila and orange juice into your glass first before adding the grenadine and it will naturally sink to the bottom. 

Recommended Tequila: Jose Cuervo Especial Gold   

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Bloody Maria Yup, you guessed it. This is the Tequila twist to Vodkaду»s famed Bloody Mary. Unlike the Vodka-based original, this Tequila version adds a vegetal earthiness in taste. You'd be surprised at how the Tequila stands out better in this mix compared to Vodka. 

You'll need 30ml of Tequila, 60ml of tomato juice, single dashes of Tobasco, lemon juice and celery salt, as well as a slice of lemon. This is perhaps the healthiest cocktail you can make using Tequila.  

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4. Tequila-spiked Mint Hot Chocolate 

Not only perfect for pairing with spices, Tequila is also a liquor that you can pair with cooling mints and cocoa too! Spike any hot chocolate by adding 120ml of your preferred Tequila and 60ml of peppermint schnapps (peppermint-flavoured sodas also work). 

This is one drink best had warm, making it perfect for winter as it keep you warm with a tasty and sweet, chocolaty ending. Depending on how you make your hot chocolate, this is one very rich way to have Tequila indeed. Recommended Tequila: Don Julio Anejo  

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5. Paloma 

Here's one Tequila cocktail that's so easy to whip, it will come in handy for those sudden last minute hangouts indeed. All this mix needs is 60ml of your preferred Tequila and 15ml of lime juice mixed with grapefruit soda (or any preferred clear soda) in a tall glass. 

This light, fruity and refreshing drink with a fizz is a top favourite in Tequilaду»s home of Mexico, and it is one surprisingly effective thirst-quencher too. Surely, this is one good way to take a break from the usual Margarita as well. 

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6. Juan Collins 

This Tequila twist to a classic Whisky (John Collins) and Gin (Tom Collins) mix truly shows off how fine Tequila really is. Just mix 45ml of Tequila, 30ml of lemon juice, 15ml of agave nectar and some club soda in a glass of ice for the ideal mix. 

Should agave nectar be hard to come by, you can substitute it with either coconut nectar or fruit syrup. This is perhaps the perfect alternative against the usual suspects, and one that is surprisingly good for any occasions as well. 

Recommended Tequila: Don Julio Reposado