Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, life is a tragedy but beer is a must. Calling all booze connoisseurs out there for something beyond a mainstream beer! Unlike the usual alcoholic beverage… This is something totally different.

Have you heard about craft beer? Yes, that’s it. While beer tastes like… well, beer, craft beer tends to be much tastier, substantially worth the money, and arguably more interesting. So what makes a beer a craft beer actually? After having a chat with the experts of Brooklyn Brewery, here are five distinguishable elements. Let’s find out!

#1 Ingredients

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Unlike a commercial beer, just for the uniformity and custom of ingredients used, the craft beer is a phenomenal cornucopia of different flavors can be enjoyed in all their power like a good wine. Craft beer is brewed using hand-selected ingredients, resulting in a beer style that is unique with a distinctive flavor and quality, much better value for the money.

At various times, it tastes like chocolate, coffee, oak, caramel, molasses, grass, floral hops, dark fruit, oranges, lemon, pumpkin, hazelnut, smoke, grapefruit and any number of other ingredients. Take example of Brooklyn Lager, a refreshing Vienna-style lager bursting with the aroma of floral hops. The brew is enhanced by the centuries-old practice of dry hopping.

#2 Culture

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Craft beer refers to barley malt beer brewed locally by a small commercial brewery, but it’s more than just something that you drink. It has culture and identity. Creative brewers and radical flavors have made people excited about beer again today. Slogans like “Think Global, Drink Local” are popular in the craft beer world.

Craft brewers are usually unafraid to experiment with different ingredients for flavor innovation, while honoring proper brewing methods and without compromising on the taste and experience aspects of beer. This is why Brooklyn, New York City’s award-winning craft beer brewhouse, have their perennials and seasonal beers. It has grown to a wide-ranging collection of beers and always keeping an eye to traditional brewing techniques.

#3 Craft

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Making craft beer isn’t just as simple as adding ingredients and brewing the beer to each and every bottle. It takes a lot of time and patience to find the right harmony between those ingredients. And as people's taste changes, those ingredients have to change as well. But that’s the thing though, you’ll discover unique flavor profile as you experiment with ingredients and technique to come up with something innovative.

And especially in the Brooklyn Brewery community, Brewmasters like Garrett Oliver, spends a good amount of time to make a good quality beer, putting heart and soul in it to craft the beers. With all of this passion puts in a bottle, you know it’s going to satisfy your taste buds. So, why not go craft?

#4 Community

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Drinking craft beer is about savoring each drop while exploring and discovering the layers of flavors and discussing it with your mates, because great beer makes for great times. Try it out! Go out with friends or family and talk about the beer everyone had on hand. Pay attention to the discussion so you can decide which beer to order next. There’s nothing better than having your drinking buddies!

What’s more, impress your dinner partner by paired it with fine cuisine. Enjoy Brooklyn East IPA with some spicy food especially Malaysian cuisine. Wait... Isn’t it good news for Malaysian?! Next time when you have spicy rendang, have a pint of Brooklyn East IPA to go with it, or perhaps chicken curry? You can also try to pair Brooklyn Lager with pizza, roasted chicken, even salads. Craft beer should make food taste better, and food should make craft beer taste better. Win win!

#5 Quantity

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Craft breweries produce very limited amount of beer barrels annually. This is because it requires some time and plenty of attention to details to craft the perfect bottles.

We don’t know about you, but we enjoy kicking back and relaxing with a rich, flavorful, full-bodied beverage once in a while, and we’re pretty sure we’re not alone in that sentiment. This is why craft beer is better in any sense because they choose quality over quantity. Certain craft beers, like Brooklyn, offer different seasonal beer, which suits all seasons of the year with different ingredients. So remember to be on the look out when they bring in more delightful varieties!

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