It is one of the planet's most loved spirits, yet there are still many boozers who carry some grave misconceptions about it. We're talking about Vodka and today, weду»ll address some of the most common myths that many tend to believe about this lovely spirit. 

1. Vodka is made only from potatoes - False 

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Though it is one of the most popular source ingredients around, not all Vodka products are made from the same thing as French fries and hash browns. In fact, Vodka can be distilled from anything that contains fermentable sugars, or anything containing starch that can be converted into fermentable sugars. 

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FACT: Popular base ingredients besides potatoes include wheat, cereal grains, sugar, soybeans, rice, fruit or even milk! It all depends on the respective brand's desire at creating a specific taste, strength or alcohol yield. 

2. All Vodka tastes the same - False


This is not only grossly wrong; it's also what a typical newbie drinker would say. Don't be an amateur with that statement. What you ought to know is that a number of factors affect the way any particular Vodka tastes, as well as its strength and quality. 

FACT: Vodka's tastes is affected by things like its distillation and filtering processes, type of material it is distilled from, the quality of water used in blending, not forgetting its critical 'resting' periods as well. All this reflects where the spirit comes from and what it was distilled from. 


Try enough variations and you'll note how traditional-styled Vodkas from Eastern Europe are much more assertive and robust - properties that celebrate their humble respective base ingredients in most cases. Popular Vodkas from the West, on the other hand, are much softer and more approachable by contrast. 

3. Higher price = higher quality - False


While some of the best Vodka brands do command top dollar for their products, there's an equally wide array of brands with products that are either equal or arguably better in both taste and quality that are relatively inexpensive. 

FACT: In the case of booze, price tags aren't always accurate indicators of quality, so you'd best do your homework, compare between products and gauge them yourself. However, just remember that lifeду»s too short for anyone to drink cheap, poorly distilled Vodka - or any other spirits for that matter! 

4. Filtering cheap Vodka at home can make it better - False 

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This is one of the most renowned and also one of the worst booze myths perpetuated by the Internet. Yes, part of the process of distilling Vodka involves charcoal filtration to achieve a specific taste, but this is a process thatду»s far too complicated to do at home with items from your local supermarket. 

FACT: You can't buy cheap, low-quality Vodka from KK Mart and turn it into top-shelf quality Vodka just by filtering it through that fancy new Coway charcoal-based water filter that you just got installed at home. In doing so, you might just make it worst as the process could result in you brewing something undrinkable or even lethal.  

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