Woodford Reserve Rye

RM369.00 RM339.00 Bottle


Woodford Reserve Rye

RM369.00 RM339.00

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Rich honey

Spicy with distinct notes of rye, black pepper, cedar and cassia bark sweetened with a dusting of marzipan. Hints of pear, apple and almond dance in its depths.

Clove, rye, mint, molasses, sorghum + honey are mingled together with hints of apple and malt.

Long and sweetly spiced.

Why Do We Love This?

Woodford Reserve Rye uses a preprohibition style ratio of 53% rye in its mash bill to pay homage to history‚Äôs original rye whiskeys, making spice and tobacco the dominant note among a sea of fruit, floral, and sweet aromatics, which yields a nice sweetness and overall balance.