Uinah Sabah

RM60.00 RM40.00 / Per 330 ml Bottle


4 bottles (4 x 330ml)

RM60.00 RM40.00

12 bottles (12 x 330ml)

RM180.00 RM144.00

24 bottles (24 x 330ml)

RM360.00 RM225.00

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Locally Handcrafted 

UINAH Ginger Beer is cold when consumed, but warms the throat, body and soul leaving you refreshed. Spicy, zesty and refreshing are words commonly used to describe our flagship beverage — a unique ginger beer with the original taste of Borneo. 

Its secret recipe uses only real and natural ingredients with no artificial flavouring or colouring, and features Tambunan ginger, known to be one of the spiciest gingers found in Borneo. This gives UINAH Ginger Beer its unique flavour and depth, and is also what makes it appealing for its health benefits.

Why "Uinah”? 

"Uinah” is a Sabahan slang. It is used to express feelings of surprise, which has a meaning along the lines of "Wowww... Or cool!”. 

We wanted something catchy as well as the name represents our brand as being proudly Sabahan. 

  • Keep refrigerated at all times
  • Consume within 3-5days after opening


All orders will be charged for delivery as follows:

1- 4 pints/cans = RM9

5 -12 pints/cans = RM16

13 - 24 pints/cans = RM24

25 pints/cans onwards = RM1 per quantity