Terrazas Altos Cabernet Sauvignon

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Intense red with violet shades

Spice, red currants, raspberries, vanilla, coconut nuance

Soft tannins, vivacious yet smooth mouthfeel

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Over the last 150 years, wine making has been totally revolutionised as an art and science. With access to refrigeration, it has become easy for wineries to control the temperature of the fermentation process and produce high quality wines in hot climates. The introduction of harvesting machines has allowed winemakers to increase the size of their vineyards and make them more efficient and more efficient. Although the wine industry faces the challenge of meeting the demands of an ever-larger market without losing the individual character of its wines, technology helps to ensure a consistent supply of quality wines. Modern wine appreciation pays homage to the timeless art of wine making and demonstrates the importance of wine in the history and diversity of European culture.