Saito Dry Karakuchi Sake 1.8L

RM139.00 RM110.00 / Per 1800 ml Bottle


Saito Dry Karakuchi Sake 1.8L

RM139.00 RM110.00

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Moderate Sake



Why Do We Love This?

Japanese kanji letter “彩” means luxury, beauty and colourfulness, “都” means capital and city. “彩都” is traditional and beautiful city that many people are easy to image in their mind. It's Kyoto. Saito Karakuchi is clean and refreshing dry sake, made in Kyoto, with moderate sake aroma. This light body sake has a clean finish that can be matched with not only a variety of Japanese dishes but also Asian influenced dishes.

Goes Well With...

Tempura, Yakitori, Ramen, Asian Foods