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London Essence (White Peach & Jasmine) - 6 x 200ml



London Essence (White Peach & Jasmine) - 6 x 200ml


London Essence (White Peach & Jasmine) - 12 x 200ml


London Essence (White Peach & Jasmine) - 24 x 200ml


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Why Do We Love This?

We’ve used our signature flavour layering technique to compose this elegant crafted soda, with juice sourced from white peaches, picked at their ripest and a jasmine blossom distillate for an aromatic floral top note.

This subtly sweet crafted soda makes an elegant light and low-calorie soft drink on its own, but also performs well as a luxe mixer. For a contemporary variation on the classic Bellini, pair with prosecco and serve in a flute glass, topped with a thin peach slice.