Kronenbourg 1664 Rose Can



Kronenbourg 1664 Rose 4-Pack Cans (4 x 320ml)


Kronenbourg 1664 Rose 12-Pack Cans (12 x 320ml)


Kronenbourg 1664 Rose 1-Carton (24 x 320ml)


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Why Do We Love This?

1664 Rosé is an elegant French wheat beer with a hint of raspberry. Inspired by French passion for good taste, 1664 Rosé adds a modern twist to French elegance with a hint of refreshing raspberry undertone for a well-balanced and aromatic flavour. Delicious wheat beer to be enjoyed with friends and good cuisine especially seafood, poultry and fruit.

• Unique taste profile yet delicate and easy to drink

• Pink-amber brew with light, aromatic taste

• Perfect serve at 3’C with 2cm foam

• Pairs perfectly with seafood, chicken, fruit, or dessert