Kirin Ichiban Pint (24 X 330ML)

RM399.00 RM349.00


Kirin Ichiban Pint (24 x 330ML)

RM399.00 RM349.00

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Why Do We Love This?

Crafted with the finest ingredients for freshness and pure enjoyment.KIRIN ICHIBAN represents a rich culture of meticulousness. In a way, it’s an art form of its own.

We choose every ingredient and carry out every step of the process with awareness true toJapanese craftsmanship.Japanese cuisine offers subtle flavors that require attention to detail, and, with KIRIN ICHIBAN,we’ve brought this attention to beer. 

This detail lies at the foundation of all Japanese art andrepresents a philosophy many around the world have adopted.KIRIN ICHIBAN manifests the authentic tastes of nature crafted to appeal to the palate,and it pairs beautifully with Japanese cuisine.