Juzeat x Boozeat (Combo 1)

RM228.00 RM202.00


Juzeat x Boozeat (Combo 1)

RM228.00 RM202.00

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Why Do We Love This?

1 x Crispy Duck Confit (Confit De Canard) 2 Pax

1 x Flavourful Beef Stew Pasta (Linguine Au Bourguignon) 2 Pax

2 x Delicious French Salad With Tuna (Salade Niçoise)

1 x Juzeat Cash Vouchers (RM 50)

1 x Amberley Chimney Brush Merlot/Chardonnay

Note : 

1. Customer will receive the Juzeat recipe boxes with fresh ingredients to cook up the meals featured within the combo.

2. Separate deliveries for Juzeat Recipe Boxes and wine

3. Lead time : 2 - 4 working days