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Hennessy VSOP UVA

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Flamboyant mahogany with light tones.

Very mature notes evoking the aroma of fresh fruit. Sensation of fullness and suppleness highlighting the harmony of cognac.

Airy and fresh, revealing an undeniable naturalness. Flavors of juicy fruits, m vanilla, spices and mild tobacco. Streghth and softness, vigor and temperance, mixing together in total balance.

Why Do We Love This?

Inspired by the blending process of Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège, UVA reflected on the concept of “time blending” as a form of creation and a metaphor for the combination of different eaux-de-vie, each one belonging to a specific time in history. These time capsules are not unlike the lights that reach us from distant stars, each one existing in a different time and space, yet we perceive them blended as one.

Upon their first visit to the Maison Hennessy in Cognac, Matthew Clark and Maximo Recio were struck by the synergies between their artistic process and the Hennessy Master Blender’s craft. As Hennessy Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde explained the art of cognac making, the UVA team realized that their explorations of time connect with the craftsmanship of Hennessy’s art.