Guinness Can (BUY 2 X 6-CAN FOC 1 VARIETY PACK)

RM50.00 RM45.00 / Per 320 ml Can


6-Pack Cans (6x320ml)

RM50.00 RM45.00

2 x 6-Pack Cans (12x320ml) (BUY 2 X 6-CAN FOC 1 VARIETY PACK)

RM98.00 RM88.00

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Strong, Pronounced Fruity, Roast Character

A Full-Bodied, Roast, Fruity Character

Initial Tingling Impact, Bittersweet

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Choose between the can or carton promotion! Or get both?

6-Pack Cans (6 x 320ml) for RM 45.

2 x 6-Pack Cans (12 x 320ml) for RM 88.


Carton Cans (24 x 320ml) for RM 169.

Buy 2 x 6-can (12 x 320ml) FOC 1 Variety Pack*

*Guinness variety pack consist of 1 recipe book and 2 Guinness glasses

Purchase any 1 carton of Heineken portfolio brands and get 1 mug for FREE*

Disclaimer: Must be received by persons aged 21 and above.


All orders will be charged for delivery as follows:

1- 4 pints/cans = RM9

5 -12 pints/cans = RM16

13 - 24 pints/cans = RM24

25 pints/cans onwards = RM1 per quantity