Domaine Barons De Rothchild Blason D'aussieres

RM130.00 Bottle


Domaine Barons De Rothchild Blason D'aussieres



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Beautiful, deep dark-red colour.

The nose is still somewhat reserved, offering aromas of spices and garrigue mingled with toasted notes from the barrel ageing.

A generous, harmonious wine on the palate, revealing black fruit and spices, supported by silky, elegant tannins.

Why Do We Love This?

Blason d’Aussières is characterised by ripe fruit, fresh flavours, and a supple, full-bodied structure which is an excellent representation of the property’s terroir. Its aromas evoke the richness of the garrigues and the flavours are often spicy. 20% of the wine is aged in oak barrels for 12 months.