Dewar's White Label

RM206.00 RM195.00 / Per 700 ml Bottle


Dewar's White Label - 1 Bottle

RM206.00 RM195.00

Dewar's White Label - 6 Bottle

RM1,236.00 RM1,160.00

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Honey, peach, apple and wood

Medium, vanilla fudge, smoke, toffee, heather honey, oak

Good length, cut herbs, honeyed sweetness

Why Do We Love This?

Dewar's White Label Blended Scotch Whisky was created in 1899 and contains around 40 different whiskies in the blend. The full bodied scotch has rich notes of honey, apple, fudge, vanilla, and wood with a subtle smokiness.

Goes Well With...

Fish, Meat, Cheese