Carlsberg Special Brew Can

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4-Pack Cans (4 x 320ml)

RM37.40 RM34.00

Carton Cans (24 x 320ml)

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Full-bodied, fruity tasting, strong lager with a good, clear bitterness

Why Do We Love This?

Carlsberg Special Brew is a full-bodied, fruity tasting, a strong lager with good clean bitterness. Its unique taste and the high alcohol content are enjoyed by those who seek a fun, but serious drink.


All orders will be charged for delivery as follows:

1- 4 pints/cans = RM9

5 -12 pints/cans = RM16

13 - 24 pints/cans = RM24

25 pints/cans onwards = RM1 per quantity