Camus VSOP Elegance

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Vanilla Pods, Orange Zest, Soft Spice, Floral

Ample, Unctuous, A Light hint of Woodiness

Beautiful, Long Finish, Well-Balanced, Wonderfully Fresh

Why Do We Love This?

CAMUS VSOP BORDERIES uses predominantly Cognacs from the CAMUS family's own Borderies vineyards. Achieving a delicate balance between scientific precision and artistic flair, our master distiller crafted a subtle blend of wines and light lees which, through the alchemy of distillation, have yielded an eau-de-vie of superior richness and structure. Our special oak casks, guardians of the unique aromatic personality of CAMUS Cognacs, help nurture and enhance the aromatic power and distinctive characteristics of the Borderies terroir over the course of the long, complex ageing process.