Blossom Hill Chardonnay (BUY 4 FOC 1)

RM71.00 RM65.00 / Per 750 ml Bottle


Blossom Hill Chardonnay

RM71.00 RM65.00

Blossom Hill Chardonnay (BUY 4 FOC 1)

RM325.00 RM260.00

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Fresh White, Ripe Melon, Citrus

Elegant, Smooth

Why Do We Love This?

Ever wondered what sunshine tastes like? This deliciously fresh white is bursting with melon and citrus notes and a vanilla hint on finish. Best enjoyed with friends - (and play plenty of sizzling conversation)

Goes Well With...

Lobster, Oysters, Scallops, Sea Bass, Salmon, Swordfish, Chicken, Veal



Mundus Vini


Orange County Wine Society