Mini-Quiche (30 Pcs)

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RM130.00 RM120.00

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Mini-Quiche Smoked Salmon & Spinach: These Mini-Quiche Smoked Salmon & Spinach are baked to perfection with the exact right amount of ingredients to fully blend the flavors. Perfect match to all your lighter drinks and particularly white wines & single malts! Contains salmon, egg & dairy. Mini-Quiche Mushroom & Leek: These Mini-Quiche mushroom and leek are your perfect solution for a premium vegetarian finger food. Perfect match to all your lighter drinks and particularly red wines (particularly a Pinot noir & Shiraz), champagne & dark or brown lager beers! Contains mushroom, egg & dairy. Mini-Quiche Smoked Duck: These Mini-Quiche smoked salmon are the perfect Eurasian fusion bringing the best of both world. Baked to the perfection these mini quiches will enhance your party by exquisitely fill your guests. It will be matching perfectly most of the booze served at your party, in particular any Rose, Burgundy & Pinot Noir! Contains duck, egg & dairy. 

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