Nope, this is NOT one of those 'old wives tales' that's been around for ages. Drinking wine is good for your brain, especially in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinsonду»s and ALS according to a recent report

Madrid-based Institute of Food Science Research recently published its findings from investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying the neuroprotective actions of wine with some great results. 

Instead of focusing on the wine itself, researchers specifically studied the compounds left behind once wine passes through the gut - these are called metabolites. 

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The study showed that these metabolites prevented brain neurons from dying when subjected to stresses that normally lead to neuronal death and neurodegenerative diseases. Researches also noted that the metabolites were active at different points during the cell signalling process. Notably, the exact composition of the wine metabolites is crucial for this protective effect, as does the composition of the gut microbiome. 


But don't start binging on that chardonnay just yet people! Though wine-derived metabolites can assist and protect neurones from degeneration, their effectiveness also depends on an undetermined combination of other microbes found in the gut. 

Essentially, this brain-protecting feature of wine can only activate itself under certain permutations that vary from person-to-person. Nevertheless, the researchers did point out that drinking wine does benefit those with healthy and balanced diets, especially towards preventing the development of brain diseases. 

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Basically, if you practiced a healthy and balanced diet already, it doesn't hurt to have a glass or two of your favourite red or white wines with each meal

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